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09 juin 2007

The Red Button Joke

The Red Button JokeFor those who have the patience and the it! But be carefull, you will need several minutes, so make sure you've got enough time, it worth at least 5 minutes! Its wonderful, I made it several times and Im never borred of pressing that damned button!Pour ceux qui ont la patience et la curiosité (ainsi que quelques bases en anglais bien sûr) Presser le boutton! Mais attention, vous allez devoir y consacrer quelques minutes, alors soyez sûrs que vous avez suffisament de temps, cela vaut au moins 5... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2007

Welcome, bienvenue !

Welcome to my new blog. Im going to upload severals pictures of myself and what I did and do. This new blog is under construction, so I you have any idea, if you dont like something (colours, style..) let me know about it by posting a comment or by sending an email.I'll try as best as I can to write both in english and french for all my friends, dont hesitate to correct me! Enjoy! Bienvenue sur mon nouveau blog! Je vais bientôt y mettre différentes photos de moi et mes amis, ce que je fais, aime faire et pleins d'autres.... [Lire la suite]
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